Is “Demon Slayer” Worth Watching?

Written by: Coco Yancey
Edited by: Marrista K. Stubbs

Photo: Funimation

Demon Slayer was named Anime of the Decade by popular vote through the Funimation company. People obsess over and cosplay the characters. And, until recently, I hadn’t seen a single episode.

Will I admit I hopped on the bandwagon hella late? Yes. Yes, I will. Back when it first came out I had plans to tune in and see what this anime was all about considering the hype. However, adulting had other plans for me. The OG air date was almost a year ago and EVERYONE was obsessed with the new anime. And rightfully so.

I got into this anime completely by accident. I was home alone, high (on marijuana), restless, and bored. I thought to myself “What can I binge watch tonight until I fall asleep?”. As I laid down and opened the YouTube app, do you know what the first thing to pop up on my recommended list was? Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 1 Eng Sub. 
I figured “Meh, why not?”.

@_Xanren @Helloclonion

I finished episode 1 and thought “This is ok.”. Get through episode 2 and think “Mmmmm, it’s getting there”. By the end of episode 3, after Tanjirō has his last encounter with Sabito, I was SOLD. Mouth wide open and teary eyed, I then decided Demon Slayer was worth the hype! You literally can’t sleep on this anime. The relatable characters (Zenitsu), adorable badasses (Nezuko), literal uncultured swine (Inosuke), people ya love to hate (Muzan Kibutsuji), and a slew of other memorable characters are what really make this anime worth the watch. The fact that the visuals, music, voice acting, and overall structure of Demon Slayer are top notch is just icing on the cake. 

Not only is this show fire to watch, but I swear I’ve seen more cosplays from this anime than any other! Nezuko in particular gets a lot of love.

@Ichilovetan @Stephmodified

With a new movie coming out later this year Demon Slayer will definitely keep making its mark. Be sure to keep up with the anime, on Funimation or Crunchy Roll, which has 26 episodes, and sign-up for our newsletter to get notifications about upcoming reviews and nerdy goodness!

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