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Sonic the Modern Day 90’s Movie

Written and edited by: Marrista K. Stubbs

When I first heard the news there would be a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, I was skeptical. However my nostalgia, love of Jim Carrey, and Sonic’s before and after photo convinced me to spend my hard earned money on a children’s movie.

I only spent $6 to see Sonic the Hedgehog and it was worth every penny. While this movie gets a bit cheesy at times, it’s a fun and entertaining take on the classic video game that’s still widely popular today. There’s a good balance of wordplay and physical comedy with the tone of an 90s feel good movie. Plus, it’s been a minute since I watch a movie with Jim Carrey in it. He has evolved in his acting style and brings a lot of personality to Dr. Robotnik and I love it.

This movie is also enjoyable to watch because of the Easter eggs that are sprinkled throughout. I won’t give out any spoilers. Just keep your eyes peeled and ears open from beginning to end. There are in-your-face allusions to the games and shows and some hidden gems too. Don’t leave before the credits end and you’ll get an interesting surprise.

Sonic’s debut took place in 1991

Overall I don’t regret seeing this movie and if you’re a fan of the classic games, or even the TV show, you won’t either. I give Sonic the Hedgehog a 3.5 out of 5 and look forward to what this franchise has to give in the future.

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