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Keeping Cookies Squared

Written and Edited By: Marrista K. Stubbs

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

When Coco and I started getting serious about Melanin Squared, I knew that I wanted to utilize our platform as a way to share with people; information, entertainment, and any happiness my talents can produce. One of these talents includes baking. I find this art form both challenging and relaxing on many levels. I’ve always loved sharing my sweet treats with friends, family, and co-workers. All of the practice and passion has led to the birth of Melanin Squared Sweets: A vegan pastry and dessert box sent once a month that can be customized with different treats.

A lot of people ask me “Why vegan?” and “Why cookies?”. Let’s start with the first question. The simplest answer is that the desserts are vegan because I am. Living a vegan lifestyle is important to me especially when it comes to eating. I went vegan for many reasons – health, opposing animal cruelty, and environmental issues all play a factor. Sharing that by way of my cookies only made sense. I’m even looking into more eco-friendly packaging and donating a portion of our profits to vegan and eco-supportive non-profits!

Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies

As for the cookies…they’re one of my favorite things to bake! Cookies are delicious, easy to carry, and just about the perfect snack to me. Plus they’re super fun to decorate and come up with new flavor combos for them. Our square cookies come in some pretty classic flavors already: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and Oatmeal. However, we’re working on a few new seasonal flavors too like strawberry lemon, sweet (potato) pumpkin, and gingerbread.

Right now we’re offering the classic and custom cookie boxes over on our Squared Cookies page. The custom box allows you to mix and match our current 4 flavors up to a dozen and the more boxes, the cheaper they get! Our classic box also features our original flavors equally split among the dozen. Starting in the fall, however, we will be changing our classic box for the seasonal box. The seasonal box will contain 3-4 new cookies for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Every month we will hold a vote on new cookies and the winners will be sampled in the first 50 custom boxes until the new season begins; when they will be available for purchase.

Fun with Cookies! Black Panther Cookie

What’s next for Melanin Squared Sweets? Quite a bit actually! Every day we work hard to make sure that we’re creating the best sweets possible and improving our brand. Starting a small business can be pretty taxing, though and we need help. To find ways to help us grow head over to our support page or if you want to try some of our cookies click here for details. Starting in June we’ll be including a free sample of the winning cookie. So don’t forget to pick your favorite and pre-order!

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