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Unboxing Beauty June: Kinder Beauty Box

Written and Edited by: Marrista K. Stubbs

It’s summertime and skincare, with the heat and humidity at it’s peak, is more important than ever! This month I have received another box from Kinder Beauty to add to my cruelty-free, self-care regimen. One thing I’ve enjoyed about my subscription is receiving emails from Kinder Beauty showing their commitment to inclusion. This month they highlighted Black-Owned Cruelty-Free Beauty brands and LGBT+ Supportive Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands in support of the Black community and PRIDE month. Without further ado, let’s dig into June’s box!

The Complete June Kinder Beauty Box
Au Naturale Highlighter in Aura

Highlighter, Au Naturale – $32 USD

I’ve never tried using highlighter before, but I really like this one. Au Naturale is clean, lightweight, and highly pigmented. They promise “full-spectrum color play with all-day color stay”. A little goes a long way with this smooth, golden powder. The shade I received is called Aura. It’s a bit messy to get the powder out of the tube, but that’s the only real complaint I have about this highlighter. The website lists this product at $28 instead of $32.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

First impressions aren’t everything! This sponge is dry, hard, and really abrasive…until you let it soak in a little warm water. Then it becomes a smooth, soft pillow for your face. Gentle exfoliation is the name of the game here. Definitely best for sensitive skin. I wasn’t able to get as good of a lather with my African black soap, but I still feel it did a good job of distributing the cleanser. Plus the Konjac Sponge is super duper easy to clean. A few squeezes under running water and it’s as good as new. I like that it already comes pre-attached with a string so that it can air dry properly. The packing claims the sponge should have a good 3 months use in it before needing to be replaced, but on the plus side, it and the sponge are both biodegradable.

Sponge Before and After being soaked

Heart Konjac Sponge, Switch2Pure – $10 USD

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Face Toner, Gypsy Soul Organics – $30 USD

Face Toner made with Green Tea and Lavender Flower

When I first opened this box I thought I was the smelling soap you’ll see down below, but it was this lovely toner instead. I was a bit disappointed when I went to spray the spray and found that the nozzle was cracked and working incorrectly. However, after switching out the spray heads there were no further issues. This light mist has a pleasant, floral fragrance that’s really calming and nice after I wash my face in the morning. There is no alcohol or other chemicals in this so if you have sensitive skin you don’t have to worry about feeling that little sting upon application. This formula helps to “reduce oiliness, fight blemishes, and treat combination or oily complexions.”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Scentuals Hand Repair Cream

Grapefruit Tumeric Hand Repair Cream, Scentuals – $8.65 USD

Two words: Instant hydration. It’s why I fell in love as soon as the cream melted into my skin. Not only that, but this hand cream ACTUALLY lives up to the non-greasy promise and it smells great! Light, citrusy, and not overpowering. I hope my before and after photos do the results justice because my hands fee like satin. I’m a baker, so my hands see a lot of washing and become dry very easily. Scentuals has created a product that brings the life back to my hands without smelling medicinal or being heavy on my skin. This brand may be my new hand cream of choice. Listed at $8.40 on the Scentuals website instead of $8.65.

Before and After applying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dreamsicle Sea Salt Bar Soap, The Kind Poppy – $8 USD

The Kind Poppy made this soap specifically for the June Kinder Beauty box. This soap smells exactly like you would expect. An orangey summertime treat with a hint of vanilla and good enough to eat*! It’s easier to get a good lather going with a loofa or washcloth instead of the hands. I’ve never used bar soap before, so I’m not sure if this is common. The soap felt creamy and hydrating on my skin in the shower and my skin felt clean and smooth after washing off. However, as I went to towel off, I noticed the sea salt in there dried my skin out a little bit. The delicious orange scent doesn’t last long, especially if you use a shea or cocoa butter as your moisturizer, but it is pleasant while it lingers.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
*Please don’t eat the soap 😂

Overall this was a pretty good box and I’ve enjoyed my experience with Kinder Beauty. Subscription and unsubscribing are extremely easy and the products are of great quality. I’m very happy to say that I’ve found a black-owned vegan box to try for the next set of reviews. “Bombay & Cedar is a luxury lifestyle subscription box that features full-sized products including aromatherapy, beauty, wellness, and discovery!” I can’t wait to see what next month has to offer and share the best in vegan beauty and self-care.

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