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7 BIPOC Companies to Buy During the Economic Blackout

Written and Edited by: Marrista K. Stubbs

Welcome to July!! Usually around this time of year people are out with their families celebrating the “Independence” of America. This is often a big week for spending with the 4th of July today, but most of America’s money goes into big brands and companies that don’t support our communities that really need them. That’s why from the 1st-7th of July the “Economic Blackout” is taking place. “What is the economic blackout about?” you may be wondering.

The economic blackout is a chance to support small and local businesses by shopping with them instead of big brands like Walmart, Amazon, or McDonald’s. The aim of this movement is to help our BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) communities by putting our spending power into BIPOC owned and supported businesses and, as a result, back into the local economy. For this reason, I’m dedicating this week’s article to a list of brands to buy from that not only support the economic blackout but the Black community as well.

Propa Beauty

Propa Beauty Instagram

Propa Beauty invites it’s newcomers to the “Queendom of Beauty” with a collection of gorgeous nude lipsticks specifically made to complement darker skin tones. Their commitment to women helping women even extends into some of there lipstick shades with names like Empower and Her Magic. This vegan and cruelty brand is definitely worth supporting and it’s easy to do with nudes at only $12 USD a pop.

Eden Body Works

Eden Body Works Instagram

If you didn’t know, hair is a BIG DEAL in the Black community and most people see it as their crown. One that is taken care of and maintained religiously. Eden Body Works is a homegrown, woman, and black-owned “Beegan”, clean, and cruelty-free haircare brand dedicated to curly and coily locs. They have shampoos, serums, treatments…anything your hair desires! Not shopping by product? Shop by hair concern on the website and it’ll take you to just what you need.

Naked Flamingo Skincare

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Restock will be live at 12AM EST 😎

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Naked Flamingo Skin Care Instagram

Naked Flamingo is here to give us the glow up we all want and deserve. This plant-based, cruelty-free, handcrafted skincare brand is “made to show off your best side”. They carry products for all skin types that use minimal ingredients in their formulas. With organic ingredients, sustainability, and healthy skincare at its core, the #NFTribe will have you saying “New skin, who’s this?”.

UNLAX Candles

Unlax Candles Instagram

Candles with a cause! Mental health is a struggle that many in Black and minority communities have to face with little or no support and it can be difficult to overcome. Believing that “the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”, these candles were designed with anxiety relief and selfcare in mind. Unlax Candles makes hand-poured soy candles in a plethora of sweet and soothing scents. As if that weren’t enough Unlax is also dedicated to restoring mother Earth by planting one tree for every candle purchased. Excuse me while I go plant 30 trees.

Vegan, What?

The creator of Vegan, What is here to remind us that eating vegan can be exciting. This is a healthy lifestyle blog with a goal to make veganism simple and a whole lot easier. She also created the Dope Meal Planner that releases new vegan meals and shopping lists every week to help us make healthy, educated dietary decisions. Not a foodie, but still want to support? The Vegan, What store has plenty of dope apparel to choose from for any animal lover big or small.

Omi Woods

Omi Woods Instagram

Elegant, fair trade, conflict-free African jewelry. Omi Woods provides beautiful pieces of jewelry celebrating the majesty of Africa and all that comes from it. These contemporary heirlooms are exquisitely crafted and the fair trade gold is “sourced from small-scale artisanal mines that support the well-being of miners and their communities”. From the office to date night to magazine covers (no, really) this jewelry is meant to be worn every day, no matter the occasion.

Noonies Glass Shop

Noonies Instagram

I live in California so “stoner culture” is hard to escape, not that I want to. That’s where Noonies Glass Shop comes into play. Not only do they have standard gear for the cannabis enthusiast – ashtrays, roach clips, stash jars, you name it- but unique items like grow tents, bud fertilizer, and designer pre-rolls. I don’t see many Black-owned cannabis companies of any kind since the industry is still relatively new, but Noonies Glass Shop is changing that by providing quality goods at wholesale pricing.

Of course, there are 100s of other companies to take into considerations like Salt.xo or My Box of Shadows, but I just wanted to give you a place to get started. While the economic blackout takes place from July 1st-7th, the 4th-7th are the days with the biggest impact. Our countries most understood language is money. Let’s start using that language to support each other instead of lining the pockets of those who’ve already made it. If you know any more worthy brands to support, drop them in the comments below!

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