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High on Anime: Perfect Blue

Written and Edited by: Marrista K. Stubbs

Originally filmed for our IGTV, you can check out more High on Anime by visiting our Instagram.

Coco: Hey. What’s up, guys? I’m Coco.
Marrista: And I’m Marrista.
Coco: And welcome to…
Both: High On Anime!
Marrista: You know, every week we get high, we talk about different things, we invite Mary Jane over.
Coco: Yes, Mary Jane.
Marrista: And today, this week, she wanted to watch a really popular anime psychological thriller called…
Both: Perfect Blue. Yes.
Marrista: When did we first see this? We first saw this…
Both: Years ago.
Coco: A couple of years go, but it hasn’t been that long.
Marrista: Yeah, but it’s good enough to watch multiple times.
Coco: Multiple times, yeah. It’s one of those anime movies where you need to watch it over and over because you always miss something.
Marrista: Right.
Coco: Like, the second time we watched it we saw something that we didn’t see in the first time.
Marrista: And things connect in ways they might not have the first time. Also, things just kind of make more sense. This movie – the director is the same person who did Paprika and… What did we just watch?
Coco: Oh, homeboy with the bat. The bat.
Marrista: Baseball bat.
Coco: Give us a second. Paranoia Agent! Yes.
Marrista: Paranoia Agent. He did- so the guy who directed this movie has also done
Coco: Has the thought process of a crackhead.
Marrista: Right. Paprika and Paranoia Agent and…
Coco: Wow.
Marrista: Yeah, so you know what you’re in for when you watch Perfect Blue.
Coco: Yes!
Marrista: For sure.

What Is Perfect Blue?

Coco: So, what is Perfect Blue? Sum it up.
Marrista: It follows the story of an ex-pop idle star becoming an actress.
Coco: Named Mima.
Marrista: Yes and her psychological break!
Coco: That’s literally it.
Marrista: A lot of people are dying and, just, weird things are happening.
Coco: A lot of people that are connected to her are dying, specifically. So there’s a murder investigation going on, but then she’s also starting to become an actress. She’s shedding her pop star look and she’s becoming more of a serious actress. She starts doing things that she’s not particularly comfortable with.
Marrista: Right. She goes from, you know, a lighter more, I don’t want to say childish, but you know.
Coco: Childlike.
Marrista: Yeah, type of lifestyle to one where she has to do things that are grittier and, you know, more geared toward adult themes and she’s not used to and she’s not used to being seen this way.
Coco: Mmhm.

The Characters

Coco: So, the characters of Perfect Blue.
Marrista: There are a lot of characters, but our central character – we don’t have, like a super huge central cast.
Coco: Our main, main, main character.
Marrista: Is Mima.
Coco: Mima, yes.
Marrista: Yes. She’s the pop idol. She’s the one who’s going through the identity crisis because she decided to flip her own shit and just change everything about her. She’s got someone who is stalking her, she’s handling identity crisis, identity theft, you know. Someone is going around…
Coco: Impersonation.
Marrista: Right, impersonating her. She probably is dealing with imposter syndrome, herself. So, she’s going through a lot and this movie really focuses on what her struggle is. On how she is dealing with her life changes and how the people closest to her are dealing with her life changes.
Coco: Yeah. And, just a couple of honorary mentions. There’s her agent.
Marrista: Yes.
Coco: Who plays a big role and is very close to her. And then there’s just this random stalker dude.
Marrista: He’s a fan. A super-fan of hers from her idol days and to see what she’s become…he rejects it.
Coco: He’s used to seeing the pure side of things, of Mima. So when he starts seeing the nitty-gritty he loses his shit. He goes a little a-wall and it’s…
Marrista: He goes bat shit.
Coco: It’s good because I’m sure it shows…
Marrista: It happens in real life.
Coco: Yeah! That a lot of celebrities…
Marrista: Have stalkers.
Coco: Have these deranged, crazy fans who are used to seeing…
Marrista: Who live in this world…
Coco: This fantasy world, this bubble. Like, “Oh, this celebrity is my god!” You know, they- and it’s not even celebrities! Like, influencers, you know what I’m saying? Internet personalities, they go through stuff like this too, so what the fuck?

The “Moral”

Coco: What are some of the morals of Perfect Blue? First is trust.
Marrista: Trust, yeah. Be careful who you trust.
Coco: My mom would always say “Not everybody is your friend.” Screen hard, do background checks, you’d be surprised…
Marrista: You’d be surprised, yeah.
Coco: On what you find. It may sound like “Oh, you’re kinda doing too much”, but not when it comes to your life and your safety.
Marrista: People end up marrying serial killers and don’t know it.
Coco: And don’t have any idea, but the proof is in their past. Like, if they had just done…
Marrista: A little research.
Coco: A little research, they would have found that these people are not the people they say they are. So, anyway, the point is…
Marrista: Be careful, know the warning signs.
Coco: Be careful. Go with your instinct.
Marrista: Go with your gut, please.
Coco: Another moral is stay true to yourself.
Marrista: Yes.
Coco: I know it can be- especially, like, ’cause she was around our age.
Marrista: Yeah.
Coco: She was like mid/late 20s.
Marrista: Yeah.
Coco: So that can be the hardest time. Trying to figure out who you are, what you wanna do…
Marrista: What your path is, what’s best for you.
Coco: Yeah, stay true to yourself.
Marrista: Don’t let anyone else tell you what is right for you. You know, if you feel like something’s really good for you and what you want to do, then go for it. And try not to get too stressed out because of what other people want. It is your life at the end of the day. You need to be the one in control of it.
Coco: Exactly.


Coco: Would we recommend Perfect Blue to you all?
Marrista: You might be sensing a theme.
Both: Yes.
Coco: Damn, this movie is really frickin’ good.
Marrista: Yeah.
Coco: I remember- I don’t even remember why we started watching it. I think maybe I was like “You know what, I keep hearing about Perfect Blue. Let’s just see what it’s about and we watched it and…minds just blown.
Marrista: It was really good.
Coco: It was really freakin’ good. And then watching it high.
Marrista: Yeah.
Coco: Where you can concentrate on things more…
Marrista: Yeah.
Coco: And it’s more trippy and, like, mindfuck-y.
Marrista: Yeah, I feel like you get more in the headspace of Mima when you’re stoned because you’re like “Wait. What’s going on?”
Coco: What’s going on.
Marrista: I’m not sure what’s real and what’s not anymore and…
Coco: What’s not, yes! There’s a lot of scenes that flash in and out of what we think is reality?
Marrista: Reality is and what truth is, right. It’s, you know, you have to really pay attention to see what’s true and what’s not and it’s interesting! It’s really good! It’s like putting a puzzle together, but you don’t even know what the picture is supposed to be.
Coco: No. You don’t know the end result, so…
Marrista: Yeah.
Coco: Yeah, we recommend. For sure watch this movie.
Marrista: Definitely.


Coco: Out of 10 stars, what would we rate this movie?
Marrista: I would give Perfect Blue an almost perfect score.
Coco: Ooo!
Marrista: Nine and a half!
Coco: That’s what I was going to say! I was gonna say nine and a half. It’s not perfect, but damn this movie is good.
Marrista: This movie is so good.
Coco: It’s so good.

Thank you guys so much for watching another episode of High on Anime. We do these every week, every Wednesday. You can check us out on all of our other social media. All of the links are in our bio and, until next time, bye.

High On Anime: Perfect Blue

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