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7 BIPOC Companies to Buy During the Economic Blackout

Written and Edited by: Marrista K. Stubbs Welcome to July!! Usually around this time of year people are out with their families celebrating the "Independence" of America. This is often a big week for spending with the 4th of July today, but most of America's money goes into big brands and companies that don't support… Continue reading 7 BIPOC Companies to Buy During the Economic Blackout

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Animations Addressing Racism

Written by: Coco YanceyEdited by: Marrista K. Stubbs Unfortunately, there aren’t enough animations that cover the serious topics we as minorities face in our daily lives. One of these issues has been thrust into the spotlight recently but should have been discussed in every home long before this escalation.  Racism. We, now more than ever,… Continue reading Animations Addressing Racism

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Holding History: Osaka Castle

Written By: Coco YanceyEdited By: Marrista K. Stubbs I’m a pretty simple gal. Travel and Japanese culture bring pure joy into my life. On our fall trip to Japan last year, I got the chance to join these loves and have a once in a lifetime experience: To hold a traditional and historic Japanese sword.… Continue reading Holding History: Osaka Castle

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Keeping Cookies Squared

Written and Edited By: Marrista K. Stubbs Double Chocolate Chip Cookies When Coco and I started getting serious about Melanin Squared, I knew that I wanted to utilize our platform as a way to share with people; information, entertainment, and any happiness my talents can produce. One of these talents includes baking. I find this… Continue reading Keeping Cookies Squared


What’s Happening

A lot... It's finally here! Coco and I have been working on getting this site up so there'd be an easy way to find all things Melanin Squared. Here you can find all of our video content, products (coming soon!), podcast posts (coming soon!), and get in touch. We'll also be blogging about cosplay, products,… Continue reading What’s Happening