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My Japanese Airbnb Experience

Written by: Coco YanceyEdited by: Marrista K. Stubbs For Marrista’s birthday last year, we decided to do an Airbnb experience while in Japan. Airbnb experiences are unique activities hosted by locals only offered through the website. We both wanted to do something affordable, educational, and unique. We ended up searching for the most activity-packed experience… Continue reading My Japanese Airbnb Experience

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Top 5 Things I Miss About Japan

Written By: Coco YanceyEdited By: Marrista K. Stubbs Despite everything that’s going on with COVID-19, Marrista and I still have plans to move to Japan later this year. We both miss it and often talk about life in Japan. Having recently returned from a 2 week vacation, the Japanese lifestyle and activities are still fresh… Continue reading Top 5 Things I Miss About Japan